Hydrasynth Patches

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Hydrasynth Patches

Synth Patches
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128 unique, well designed patches for ASM Hydrasynth for fans of Boards of Canada, Tycho, Tame Impala etc.

Compatibile with Hydrasynth Keys, Desktop, Explorer and Deluxe

More info: https://synth-patches.com/hydrasynth/

----- FAQ -----

1. Are these patches compatibile with all Hydrasynth Models?

Yes! You can easily import the file into ASM Hydrasynth Keys, Desktop, Explorer and Deluxe :)

2. How to import these patches into original hardware synth?

It's easy. You need a free Hydrasynth Manager software. There are lot of video tutorials on YouTube. It's simply a "drag and drop".

3. Are there a Macro knobs configured to shape the sound?

Yes! Every patch has at least 4 different Macros configured.

4. Is there an aftertouch feature configured?

Yes! There are modwheel, ribbon, mono and poly aftertouch modulations prepared :)

5. I have other question

No problem. Just email me at contact@synth-patches.com

Have fun!

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128 Patches for ASM Hydrasynth Keys, Desktop, Explorer and Deluxe

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